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Hey everyone, welcome to our dev update for February 7th, 2018!

In less than 2 weeks The Station will be in your hands. There has been no time for rest – below is a break down of what we’ve been up to.

– Last week we completed our release builds for consoles and are doing the final dressing for you with testing ongoing right until release.

– Finishing touches on all of our development documents that we’re wanting to make available to you. The one we’re most excited about is our game GDD (Game design document) which discusses each decision our team made to produce the final version of our game. It’s not often that studios will release one of these but you’ll have full access through our steam store.

– Soundtrack mixing. The sounds of The Station are be composed into a soundtrack that will ready for download on the steam store as well on release day.

That’s it for our for this update, our next one will be the last before our official release! Now that release is close, our team has been reflecting over the production process – so we wanted to share a comparison shots from early development nearly 3 years ago until now. Shots like these are what we discuss in our art book.